ADD/ADHD Coaching

Identifying Strengths and Strategies

We work with students who struggle with ADD/ADHD and executive functioning challenges to define specific, achievable goals, and develop effective, workable strategies to overcome their learning differences and move past limitations. Rather than forcing children to ignore uncomfortable feelings, we offer students realistic ways to enhance their academic strengths, while making room for their individual challenges along the way.

Success Is Achievable

Students working through an ADD/ADHD diagnosis can learn how to organize their time, study, and stay focused throughout the day. Success is possible and achievable for your child. Our extensive coaching and positive behavioral techniques will allow your child to discover the passionate, successful student within.

Creating Ownership

At ILS your child will work with a professional academic coach to develop motivation, take ownership, and most importantly, develop a sense of pride in their own work and progress. Stepping away from blame and frustration, we help your child to both trust themselves and the learning process.






Building Confident, Independent Learners
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