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With a team of licensed psychology and learning professionals, as well as more than 15 years of experience, ILS experts provide schools with on-site consultation services. Whether the task is to support individual teachers in their approach to learning differences, or helping develop and implement campus-wide educational strategies, we can help.

Learning Challenges Require Unique Solutions

Whatever the goals of the institution, ILS provides appropriate, professional services for schools to meet the needs of their students and their community at large. We offer admissions consulting, testing and assessment, college counseling, and a variety of other customized programs for our clients.

Contract Partnerships

ILS staff offers on-site, year-round School Psychologist or School Counseling services to independent schools for K-12 levels. Our staff works within the school setting to identify and support students with learning differences and counseling needs. Being in the classroom allows for strategies to be implemented and adjusted on the fly, resulting in adaptive and flexible learning environments for students. This unique perspective deepens our expertise in making recommendations for our clients and their schools. See our College Counseling Services page for their on-site school services.


Sample Workshops & Trainings

Executive Functioning in the Classroom

The Developmental Classroom

Myths of ADHD and Learning Disorders

Test Findings Explained

Brain Development for Educators


Building Confident, Independent Learners
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