School Placement Consultation

Schools That Fit Your Family

The right school for your child is more than an academic reputation or a prestigious name. It’s a place where your child can thrive. At ILS, we can help you not only define the educational philosophies that are important for your family, but assist in identifying the schools that fit with your values and goals for your child. ILS provides school placement consultation to parents who are looking, or needing, to make a change post-kindergarten. Due to our unique relationships with the independent schools and the excellent local public school districts across the San Gabriel Valley, we can offer insight to families who are new to the Pasadena area or are considering making a school change. 

A Supportive Environment for Your Child

The process of finding a school for your child with learning differences can be challenging. We can provide insight into the different capacities of local schools to meet diverse learning needs. We believe strongly that your child can succeed in the right environment. For more than a decade, we’ve been helping families find appropriate, supportive placements for children and adolescents. Let us help you in your search for the best fit for your son or daughter.


Building Confident, Independent Learners
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