Parent Consultation

Parent Coaching  

ILS staff provide multidisciplinary perspectives on parenting strategies in conjunction with our therapy and coaching services. Our goals are to guide parents to an understanding of the purpose of children's behaviors in light of their individual differences, and to support parents in the implementation of effective responses to foster growth and fulfillment in all family members. 

Documentation Reviews

There are times when it may be beneficial for a Clinical Psychologist to review documentation, evaluations, or reports prepared by public schools or other providers. The Clinical Psychologist with expertise in cognition and learning will assist parents in “unpacking” these often complex and confusing findings. This thorough interpretation of data may identify areas not fully explored in the initial evaluation, but will always culminate in practical recommendations for parents to take back to their school administrators. Staff is available to consult with school personnel or to accompany parents to planning meetings.

Building Confident, Independent Learners
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