Our Services

Maximizing Assets, Encouraging Passion

Admissions staff across all university settings recognize that the high school applicant is still maturing. Given that reality, the College Counselor's job is to try, together with the student, to explore the hopes and possibilities about who the student thinks they will become over the next four years. Our Counselors help students to identify and demonstrate to these admissions officers not only their achievements in high school, but the passions, personal qualities, and interests they will bring to the college or university community in the future. With comprehensive support and guidance, we help the high school student identify and apply to the schools that will best serve these goals, personal strengths and interests.

College Counseling Services (CCS) offers comprehensive support and guidance in the following areas:

  • Assistance and encouragement throughout the entire college planning process
  • Review and evaluation of the high school academic record
  • Assistance in class selection during the four years of high school
  • Consideration of standardized tests, i.e. PSAT, SAT, SAT II Subject Tests, ACT, and AP Subject Tests
  • Identification and assistance with researching colleges and universities geared toward each student’s background, interests, affinities and personal goals
  • Identification of colleges and universities which offer support systems to students with learning differences
  • ​Preparation of Personal Statements and Supplemental Essays
  • Assistance with overall organization, application checklists and tracking folders
  • Consideration and planning of co-curricular, intern and summer activities
  • Collaboration with school counselors and support services
  • Assistance with identifying financial aid and scholarship resources

School Contracts

CCS also works with specific small independent schools, providing college counseling services to their current Junior and Senior students and parents. We present "College Evenings" with speakers from local colleges and universities, provide training to teachers as they write their recommendation letters, provide essay workshops to Juniors and Seniors, and provide individually scheduled family and student meetings. 

School Workshops

For students:

  • Visiting college campuses
  • Preparing for the college interview
  • Writing the college essay
  • Choosing a major

For teachers/administrators:

  • Writing letters of recommendation for students
  • Coaching students through personal statements
  • Managing students' anxiety about college planning

Coordinated Test Preparation through Stepping Stones

  • PSAT, SAT and ACT, AP Tests, and SAT Subject Tests preparation at Stepping Stones to Learning www.steppingstones.net

We also provide Career Counseling Services in the following areas:

  • Interest inventories
  • Inventories measuring personal strengths and abilities
  • Exploration of skills and values
  • Identification and support in internship placements