What We Believe

We believe in stepping in to provide critical support before students lose their sense of confidence and level of engagement in school. We believe in building a responsive team for students, providing the opportunity for parents and teachers to increase their level of understanding and support for their students. We help students change their trajectory toward one that reflects their highest aspirations.


What’s Different About ILS?

We care fiercely about our clients. We are not an agency that doles out one-size-fits-all services. We are a small team of  experienced, dedicated professionals who believe in the value of what we do... and the importance of providing a therapeutic resource for our community and their children.

It is not enough to provide one-on-one intervention. We prioritize partnering with teachers, parents, administrators, tutors, and other professionals to implement changes in students' worlds so that they can fully access their learning environments and experience success. We encourage students and parents to apply new strategies and tools, but educators also require support in understanding and adapting to students' needs. We work within systems to effect change by partnering with our colleagues in schools. 


Move Beyond Labels

Too often, we believe children are pigeonholed into diagnoses or labels that only connote a set of behaviors or expectations that limit, rather than empower their functioning and future success.

Here at ILS, we use an assessment or diagnosis simply as a starting point, a clue towards the right interventions and treatment that can lead to greater happiness and more success. We see this “label” as simply a tool by which we can level the playing field for your child, and allow them to achieve their full potential.

Receiving a diagnosis can also facilitate communication and make it easier to begin to work on that particular student's challenges. When used in the right way, a name we give for a set of behaviors or challenges can provide a common language, a signal by which we can identify others who are similar to ourselves and begin to build solutions. It can also be a signal to build support and understanding for your child from educators and others.


What we do…

We love working with students and families!

We love seeing students come into their own and thrive.

We build self-esteem.

We empower.

We facilitate communication.

We empathize.

We give you and your child real tools and solutions.

We put the student first.

We go beyond labels and “eligibility.”

We teach students and families to advocate effectively.

What we don’t do…

We don’t ascribe to stigma.

We don’t pathologize.

We don’t blame parents. We don’t blame kids.

We don’t alienate or act as adversaries to schools.

We see grades as a byproduct of engagement, not the goal in and of themselves.