About Us

Finding a Great Fit 

We have a passion for working with college-bound students.  We’re thrilled to counsel those seeking admittance at our most rigorous colleges and universities, but feel just as privileged to work with those seeking to attend less selective schools. We find no matter the GPA and test scores, all of our clients have unique dreams and we genuinely feel lucky to be there to listen, guide and suggest new ideas to these wonderful young people as they move through the college application process.

Our focus is not on packaging your student to fit the needs of particular colleges and universities, but rather on helping your son or daughter to identify, highlight and communicate who they are for the institutions that best align with their unique interests, talents, and abilities. With our combined years of experience, we know the college search is not about scarcity. Students will thrive, be challenged, and happy at several colleges and our job is to help them find those schools where they both truly fit and are wanted! Every student and family who comes to us is full of excitement and hope as we begin, and one of our primary goals is to keep that confidence and hope alive along the entire path. Together with our College Counselors, your child will develop a realistic and optimistic list of appropriate schools and get started on the very mindful process of preparing excellent applications for final submissions.  

Opening the Door to New Possibilities

We take time with each student to help them see the exciting possibilities that lie ahead, then listen and walk beside them as they make their own critical decisions on which of those options to prioritize. We have relationships with and a deep understanding of a variety of universities and colleges across the United States. We understand not only what schools are looking for, but what kinds of students these institutions can best serve. Your child’s happiness and success are far more important to us than just filling a quota from a particular school or filling a roster at a particular campus. We can give your student the extra time needed to do this process well, to get the guidance they need to take ownership of their search, while still complementing the work being done by their school counselor. Our ultimate goal is to support each student on their college path as they mature and expand their focus on the future.